Family Tree – why do people want to trace their ancestry?

Family TreeThe choice to start a family tree journey is a personal choice and can be triggered by many things.

Reasons To Start A Family Tree

It may be new beginnings, so the birth of a first child or a marriage, giving a sense of looking back at the same time as looking to the future, and seeing how this fits into the story of your family history.

For some people, it is the death of a relative, the realisation of how little you actually know about a particular side of the family, and how you wished you had asked more questions when they were alive.

In my case, it was geographical. I moved to the city where my maternal was born and had ready access to the local records office (in the days before and

Whatever the trigger the only choice left is whether you start the research alone or whether you contact a professional genealogy researcher like me, ?.



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