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Working with people to build family connections, find a sense of belonging, understand their heritage and discover where they fit within the wider family.

Genealogy, Family History & Probate Research

Always wanted to trace your family tree but didn’t know where to start?
Wished you listened more when grandparents shared old family stories?
Curious to find out the truth behind those family rumours and mysteries?
Are you adopted and want to know more about your wider birth family?
Want to find your roots and feel a connection to your ancestors?
Maybe you have already started researching your family history but have hit a brick wall?
Wonder who you inherited your artistic spirit from?
Are you the first person in your family to do your job?
Amethyst Ancestry Kettering
Amethyst Ancestry

What is the difference between a family tree and genealogy?

Amethyst Ancestry Kettering

Family History

Amethyst Ancestry feel passionately that tracing your family tree is more than just names and dates. There is so much information available that can be accessed to build a picture of your ancestors’ lives and experiences. This information can often lead to you making discoveries about yourself and your own life.

Amethyst Ancestry Kettering

Clear Pricing Packages

We work with you either as part of one of the three packages we offer or on a bespoke basis, depending on what you want to find out. Please view all of our pricing details here > Amethyst Ancestry Pricing

Amethyst Ancestry Genealogy Kettering

Free initial consultation

All enquiries are entitled to a free initial consultation so we can find out exactly what you are looking for, and how much you already know. This will also enable us to help you to work out which package would be the most suitable or whether bespoke research would be the best way of undertaking genealogical research.